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Dear Tate, - just a curbside prophet... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dear Tate, [May. 11th, 2004|07:51 am]
[Current Mood |enviousenvious]

You've found a great guy. I'm sure you are an awesome person as well for you to be hanging around with such a badass like fish. I really hope to meet you one day, and in the meantime i'll be sure to get all the dirt on you. No hard feelings from me to you, as long as you know i'm not going to stop having a wonderful time with fish. I'm sure you were going through a rough time wondering what was going on in Massachusetts while you are in California.. and wondering how things would pan out. fish did a good job. Although it took him a while to get it out... he finally told me how he fell deeply in love with you. of course i'm upset to be letting go such an amazing guy.. and i'm probably just torturing myself.. but i know that if the same thing happened the other way around i'd still want him as one of my best friends that ive ever had. i hope everything works out with you two. and if you hurt him.. you'll have me to deal with :)